The Answers Lie Within Us All

Dr. Alexander is often asked whether it’s possible for other people to have something like his near-death experience without dying or nearly dying. The answer is unequivocally yes. He encourages all souls to develop a routine of deep inner stillness and exploration in order to discover the true nature of who we are. It is not necessary to hover near death order to access the vast realms of consciousness beyond the here and now. Each of us can come to know these realms through our personal experience.

There are many ways to approach this. Research has demonstrated the various benefits of meditation, including relaxation, stress management and improved focus. Meditation is a fabulous method for stilling the mind and discovering what lies past the constant mind chatter that typically accompanies us throughout the day.

Meditation takes many forms. Some of them are associated with different spiritual traditions, including centering prayer, transcendental meditation, mindfulness practices, qi gong and many others. All of these methods share a common goal of centered focus in order to bring enhanced awareness to the mind.

Dr. Alexander’s personal routine includes the use of particular sound-enhanced audio recordings (produced by Sacred Acoustics) to facilitate the process of meditation. These recordings include binaural beats and other sound effects that, in theory, “monotonize” the brain in order to free up conscious awareness to access realms other than the physical.

From tribal drumming to Gregorian chants to Nada yoga, religious and meditative traditions have long used sound to induce trances or facilitate inner quiet. Music, sound and vibration were a crucial element within Dr. Alexander’s journey as he traversed the different spiritual realms accompanied by sound. It is no surprise to him that sound can also help to access these same realms from our earthly existence, just as music has always been used in religious and spiritual ceremonies.

Going deep within, by whatever method, can assist with accessing personal guidance, communicating with departed loved ones, finding creative inspiration and improved focus, and most importantly, coming to know one’s deepest inner self, as an eternal spiritual being related to all that exists.

Eben Alexander, M.D.

Dr. Alexander, a renowned academic neurosurgeon, spent over three decades honing his scientific worldview. He thought he knew how the brain and mind worked. A transcendental Near-Death Experience (NDE), in which he was driven to the brink of death and spent a week deep in coma from an inexplicable brain infection, changed all of that – completely!


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